Children of Sparta

Children of Sparta, warriors by birth
Called on when demanded of water and earth
Three hundred soldiers with destiny to face
At the small narrow path known as the Hot Gates

An army thunders out of Persia one million strong
Only to be barred by a phalanx 5 and 60 men long
They charge down the slopes full of vigor and finesse
Which immediately falters upon the wall of Greece

For three days they kept their enemy at bay
And a few brave soldiers are lost in the fray
The enemies arrows block out the sun
Under shields Spartans laugh as if having fun

“Immortals” says Leonidas “we’ll put their name to the test”
Xerxes’ trump card, the best of the best
And as ten thousand pour forth like a river of black
They prove not even an Immortal can stand up to a Spartans attack

Fortune strikes out and one is sent back to tell the story
As their king announces “Spartans! Prepare for glory!”
A traitor has emerged and the Greeks morale fell
“Make ready your breakfast for tonight we dine in hell!”

They fought like demons to the end until not one was left to stand
The worlds most marshaled fighting force at Leonidas’ command
Outnumbered and out steeled, they gave their lives without fear
And their hardest effort came when the embers of Hades were near.

So remember
Remember in the face of hopelessness to call on the warrior within you
Remember that determination and vigorosity will see you through
Remember that when all seems lost and everything starts to fall down
You should go down fighting, a king without a crown

But most importantly
Remember the courageous warriors who refused to submit
Remember the ones who in the face of death wouldn’t quit
Remember the brave few who stood strong and defended
Remember Thermopylae, remember the three hundred


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