Kirsten Lockie

New Zealand artist Kirsten Lockie has investigated various forms of visual communication over the past 30 years.  Introduced to watercolours 1980 by painter and architect Mark Bassett.

Qualified graphic artist with Diploma 1982, she studied printmaking under John Drawbridge one of New Zealand’s finest print makers. His open-minded teaching method and enthusiasm for the subject inspired Lockie to pursue printmaking after leaving New Zealand for Europe in 1983.

She soon settled in Italy where she met Florentine artist Giuliano Ghelli who in turn introduced her to Fabio Fornaciai of Galleria Tornabuoni. By 1989 Lockie was not only producing watercolours and prints  but her abilities extended to weaving and to the dying of yarns, taught by Pascal Goldschmidt weaver and lutemaker. Her wall hangings, throws and carpets brought her the notable commission of a carpet 4m x 4m for Villa Mansi of Lucca.

Numerous exhibitions in and around Tuscany brought Lockie’s reputation for creating “images of light” to the attention of etcher Swietlan N.Kraczyna, through whom she held demonstrations at the “Bisonte” school of printmaking, Florence.  Soon after her award winning work titled “La lotta del Velo” Lockie moved on in strength; her once colourful light hearted watercolours ranging from delicately washed rural vistas to the exploration of abstract “Earth Horizon Sky” minimalism, were left behind by the strong expression she could produce with monoprints.

The monoprint had become her language; it enabled her to create remarkable imagery using the full range of tones of black on white. The play of light and movement in her work tending towards four-dimensional space ( recognisable in a poetical sense) reflects Lockies curiosity in subconscious creation. During her 2006 exhibition titled “Connections” she writes: “Il silenzio, la luce, lo spazio tra forma e poesia, la sensualità e la spiritualità, un flusso come respiro che accarezza l’essere svelata nell’espressione, una riunione priva di tempo connesso nell’atto pittorico”.  The same year in an exhibition dedicated to “La Danza”  one can observe once again the combination of movement and light with her unique use of spatial depth typically acquainted to her work.  Lockie has captivated many with her fine work over the years; ever evolving themes and new discoveries makes her an interesting artist to follow.


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